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- Walmart $15.54
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- Blockbuster $19.95
Walmart Online DVD Rentals
Free Trial! $15.54/mo

WalMart offers DVD Rentals via the Internet. No Late Fees, Free Shipping, Tons of Movies to be rented. Stop buying movies - rent them.

Walmart Online DVD Rental Review
Start Your Free 30 Day Trial DVD Rentals

WalMart decided that it was time for them to move into the DVD rental business over the Internet delivering the movies by mail to the renters home. Why not? They have tons of DVDs they sell so they did it! By following this link you can check out WalMart's dvd rental program and sign up for a free trial account.

Wal-Mart is known for its crazy pricing, cutting the prices. Instead of the 19.95 the world is accustomed to they have cut back the price even cheaper. First off you get the free trial for a month, once your hooked it is only $15.54/month getting you 2 DVDs out at a time with unlimited rentals. For 18.75/month you can have out 3 dvd rentals at a time, and 21.94 gets you 4 DVD movies out at a time. You can change your pricing plan as you need or see fit.

Ever shop walmart? I'm not a big fan of the store, way too over packed, your car gets dented from all the wreckless shopping carts rolling around. Now you can take advantage of Walmart's GREAT prices without leaving your home. Start renting DVDs today. Wal-Mart DVD RentalWalMart DVD rental program gives you unlimited rentals. No Late Fees. Large selection of Family friendly movies. Pre-paid Postage, that means you do not pay shipping! And a large movie selection to choose from ranging from all genres and ages.

Save yourself money, why buy a DVD when you only watch it once or twice. Note: WalMart does not offer adult movie rentals online.

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