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DVD Rentals by Mail
- Netflix
- Blockbuster
- DVD Avenue
- GameZnFlix
- Walmart DVD Rentals

Family Rentals
- Cleanfilms
- Walmart
- Blockbuster

Special Interests
- Indie
- Foreign
- Mature
- Educational

DVDs By Rate
- Walmart $15.54
- GameznFlix $17.25
- Netflix $17.95
- Blockbuster $19.95
DVD Rental Service Provider
17.95/month - 3 DVDs Unlimited

Netflix offers DVD rental services via mail, no late fees, free shipping and over 22000 movies. Netflicks is the origional DVD rental company online.

Netflix Review
Join Today - Receive Free Trial! is the Internet's original dvd rental service provider. Since Netflix opened its movie library to the Internet they have expanded their movie selection and also the number of mailing stations throughout the United States. You can now get movies delivered faster as the mailing centers are placed strategically close to subscribers. The five day turn around time people once knew has been reduced to 1-3 days.

Why Netflix is one of the first, they've perfected the system. Free shipping, no late fees and thousands of movies to choose from (Over 25,000 titles) and tons of movies in stock. You can get on board and reserve movies that will be coming out to ensure your one of the first people to get it by adding it to your queue.

Netflix's movie rental system is very key. You can see what the wait is for the DVD and add many titles to your queue. If there is a wait you can see whats happening from your renting center once logged in. You can re-order the movies and prioritize them by your moods. Not in a Anime mood anymore, move those movies to the bottom of your list or remove them all together within a single click. It's that easy, I would make a tutorial how to use netflix but it is too easy and self explained.

When choosing a DVD rental provider like Netflix you want to evaluate the service. You can do so by joining now to receive your free trial account, if you decide you like it keep it going, otherwise cancel.

Contracts? You can cancel at any time with Netflix. There are not any cancelation fees or other hidden costs, just make sure you return all the dvds that you rent out.

Already excited about Netflix? Join today to receive your free trial. Make sure to bookmark our site so that you can return and post your review.

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