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- Netflix
- Blockbuster
- DVD Avenue
- GameZnFlix
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- Cleanfilms
- Walmart
- Blockbuster

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- Indie
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- Educational

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- Walmart $15.54
- GameznFlix $17.25
- Netflix $17.95
- Blockbuster $19.95
DVDBarn Online DVD Rentals
Support: reviewed tells all about the features of the dvd rental services. Rent DVDs online and games online. No late fees, free shipping, start renting! DVD Rental Reviews has been in the media non-stop for following closely behind Netflix in its DVD rental services. For as low as 8.99/month you can start renting dvds online and watch them in the privacy of your home without any late fees and over 9000 movies to choose from, all from the comfort of your home or office.

DVD Movies or Games? Wanting to go outside the box on rentals and mix it up by renting a few console games like xBOX, playstation and PS2 games by mail? DVDBarn has extended their library to allow you to rent these video games online. Before you would have to rent the game and return in within a few days almost always ending up in an overdue stage and not finishing the game feeling empty. Not any more, keep it as long as you need. Finish the game, or try your hardest!

1 DVD out at a time . $8.99/mo
2 DVDs out at a time - $14.99/mo
3 DVDs out at a time - $18.75/mo
4 DVDs out at a time - $21.75/mo
7 DVDs out at a time - $37.95/mo
10 DVDs out at a time - $49.95/mo

Large family or just a DVD lover? Want some movies and some games, all these plans can suit the needs of your rental love without having ANY late fees.

Unlike other DVD rental companies DVD Barn ships to all US states, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, The Virgin Islands, Guam and APO addressses. This is a true plus and tie breaker in choosing your providers for many people wanting to rent dvds online.

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