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- Walmart $15.54
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- Netflix $17.95
- Blockbuster $19.95
Rent DVDs Online through DVD Avenue

DVD Avenue is a great DVD rental service provider renting DVDs and Playstation games. Free shipping, No late fees and tons of movies to rent.

DVDAvenue Review
Join DVD Avenue - No Late Fees - Free Shipping - DVD Avenue caught our attention because of their ability to play with the big boys with both their customer service and their movie selection. The DVD avenue back end has all the functionality and features as the others but they also expand their dvd pricing plans to fit the needs of the customers allowing you to rent more or less.

The standard for the industry is $19.95/month for 3 DVDs out at a time. DVD Avenue's pricing plan is as follows, when you going to be taking a vacation or get overloaded with DVDs you can scale down your plan or if your trying to save money by not going out and know that DVD rentals are a cheap entertainment solution than you can have out 8 DVDs at a time for 44.95/month.

2 DVD's out at the time for $14.95/month
3 DVD's out at the time for $19.95/month
4 DVD's out at the time for $24.95/month
6 DVD's out at the time for $34.95/month
8 DVD's out at the time for $44.95/month

Signing up for is easy and fun. Start adding to your rental queue now and sort the rentals, move, and adjust any time day or night. No late fees and shipping charges do not exist. Don't you hate it when you leave for the weekend and you forget to pick up the DVD from the table to drop it off for your trip? With renting DVDs online you do not have late fees and its easier to drop off the movie at any mail center. (There are more post offices and drop off boxes than there are local video stores)

On top of the DVD rentals they also offer playstation and playstation 2 games. Why buy the games before you even try them. Now you can, and you can without late fees. Hop on DVD Avenue to get started renting!

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