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Blockbuster Online DVD Rentals
Free Trial! $19.95/mo

Blockbuster offers DVD rental services via mail, no late fees, free shipping and over 25,000 movies. Blockbuster, the King of Movie Stores has moved Online!

Blockbuster DVD Rental Review

Blockbuster Online. Sign up now for a two-week-free trial!

Blockbuster has taken over the movie store industry storing more videos than you could imagine. But what happens when the store gets full? Gotta rotate videos and sell em and take them off the shelves. is the secret place to rent videos online and have them delivered to your home without any shipping costs or late fees.

If your already a blockbuster lover then you will certainly love what gives their subscribers. First off you can start off with a free trial account, sign up that day and get the dvds shipped out immediately. Receive FREE rentals to your local blockbuster store and other great goodies. They run the stores, they still want your business at the store too. So if your in the mood for a DVD that night, that certain flick you could order it online but you want immediate pleasure, something right now. Use your freebie coupons and head into the store. :)

A few seconds after I completed my signup I received a e-mail notifing me that I get to 'rent movies on us'!!! I follow the link and there are two printable free movie rental coupons. Not rent one get one free. Nopes its a true freebie!


Throw in a free popcorn every now and then and im a happy camper. The freebies is truly a great way to keep you happy. I can still have a DVD tonight even though I wont receive the DVD till tomorrow through the online rental service.

Blockbuster DVD Rentals More than 25,000 Movies
Free Shipping
Free Trial Account
Freebies @ Blockbuster Stores
No Late Fees!

You can view movies by genres, or search extensively by keywords, actors, titles, directors and everything else you could imagine. All this for 19.95 a month and no late fees. Anyone who rents blockbuster knows about late fees. Not at

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