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GameZnFlix Review covers all of features including their online DVD rental and online game rental services.

GameZnFlix Review - Online DVD & Game Rental

GameznFlix - Rent Games, Rent Movies, Free Trial is hitting it hard and will be pure competition for all the big boys out there renting dvds and video games online. Their lineup and company behind it has the ability to cause real competition. We review GameznFlix with pride and experience first hand, as a subscriber we can say how it is.

GameznFlix has a different slogan it goes something like .More Games, More Movies, More Fun. Don't think Gamez n Flix is just a game rental company, their lineup of movies is amazing and competes with all the big boys except they also have video games to rent for all the major console systems. Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, etc. Your able to rent video games online and also your favorite movies.

Free Trial - Thats right, you get free rentals on them for the first month, if you decide GameznFlix isn't for you just cancel and you will not be charged. Secondly while the other guys keep raising their prices GameznFlix is only 17.25/month.

GameznFlix DVDs & GamesFree Trial
Video Games
Free Prepaid Shipping
No Late Fees
Buy it!

That's something the other people are missing, all of the above. You can also buy the DVDs and Video games if you decide they are keepers. is worth the signup, a great selection and you have a chance to win free stuff, including the possibility to be on their SUPER BOWL commercial, yah I said they were big players and I meant it!

Some of rental categories include: Action, Adventure Children, Christmas, Comedy, Comedy Performances, Documentary, Drama, Exercise, Family, Horror, How-To, Inspirational, International, Japanimation, Miscellaneous, Mystery, Performance, Performing arts, Science Fiction, Seasonal (other),Silent Films, Spanish-Sub, Special Sale Items, Sports, Suspense, TV On DVD, Video Performance, Video Performance, Westerns. You can also view Gamez n Flix by rating if your looking for specific types of movies in's library.

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